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Advanced all-around 3D sound processor.

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Cavern for home

Any sound system can be 3D.

Realism and freedom

Content made for Cavern adapts to any sound system you have in any environment. Cavern even supports floor speakers, thus creating great quality height representation and echo effect. Unlike others, Cavern is completely free for anyone, no additional equipment is needed, and has no software limitations on speaker and object count.

Experience Cavern

The Cavern configuration application is also a demo. It supports some audio files to test 3D placement or 3D conversion on. With Cavernize, an other free application, you can convert any movie's audio track to 3D. Download, and simply drag-and-drop movies on it, it'll work out the rest.

Cavern for cinemas

All of Cavern. Still free.

Maximum cinema support

Cavern has a Theatre mode made specifically for large rooms, including cinemas. In Theatre mode, every listener gets the same audio experience, no matter where they are in the room. You can experience Theatre mode in your home with the Cavern configuration application.

Deploying Cavern

No matter what audio equipment you have, Cavern will work with it. Cinemas are no exception. You only have to move some speakers in the room and configure Cavern accordingly. There are two ways to use Cavern in a cinema, the first requires no special equipment, but only works for unencrypted DCPs: simply convert them with Cavernize, the sound system you already have will play it like anything else. The second method is CavernizeRT: insert a PC between the processor and the amplifiers, configure CavernizeRT, correct the EQ and delay, and you'll have automatic spatial audio.

Advanced adaptation

Even if Theatre mode is made to support the best spatial audio perception in a large room, it can still be better. By giving Cavern where people sit in the room, it is able to render audio to a different sweet spot, making more listener's experience better. By using the Cavern API, locations could be acquired from the ticketing system, pressure sensors, or anything else.

The next step: Cavern 4D

Cavern can create seat movement from the available sound data, which can be used in many existing 4D systems. With the API, seat movement can easily be transported to the target system.

Cavern on the stage

Mono no more.

Stage sound extension

Traditionally, stage sound is a single-channel mix of many microphones. The same sound comes from each speaker, and you don't feel you're there. With Cavern, concerts and plays come to life. Using microphone location data, every instrument, every character is positioned around the audience, just like they're on the stage, including height. No additional mixing is required, and no delay is added.

Cavern for developers

Give your users the best audio experience.

The Cavern API

Unity developers can already download the Cavern Unity API or its source code. It works exactly the same way as Unity's built-in audio engine. If a player has Cavern configured, your game will match their specific Cavern setup. If they don't have Cavern, they'll get regular surround sound. And yes, it's free, even for commercial use.

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